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about us

The VIVES webshop originated from the demand of both students and teachers. We ensure that students can be proud of the university and carry the VIVES identity with them. Here you will find lots of handy gadgets, funny but above all fashionable clothing & the possibility to make your own graduation hoodies per field of study or with your class. 

student team

Four students were given the opportunity to make this project a reality through ABINET, the training company for applied computer science & digital business management. They created VIVES Fanbase, a webshop where both students and teachers can order gadgets, merch & clothing. It was quite a challenge to develop a streamlined process for both students and internal orders. The result find you here. 

Arne, Delphine, Elia and Vic

communication department

VIVES' communications department is the client behind this project. They supported the students by providing practical information and input during the project. Thanks to the good communication and close cooperation between the service and the students, this project will hopefully be a success.

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