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From now on you can chill in your seat in a responsible and trendy way with the new clothing line from VIVES University of Applied Sciences. This ultra soft clothing is not only comfy but also sexy. And sustainable! Because sustainability is not an option. It's a must! That's why our clothing is made with respect for people and nature. This clothing line is made from 100% certified organic cotton and recycled materials. 


Not convinced of our clothing line? 

Then design it yourself! Soon you will be able to release the fashionista in you at Fanbase and design yourself. For you personally, for your class or for your student club. While waiting for your own design you can score here other merch from vives. Fanbase is a project made by students van Hogeschool VIVES, special made for you to shine everywhere. It would be nice if you were to buy something.


Vanaf nu kan je lekker verantwoord en trendy chillen in je zetel met de nieuwe kledinglijn van Hogeschool VIVES. Deze ultrazachte kleding is niet alleen comfy maar ook sexy. Én duurzaam! Want duurzaamheid is geen optie. Het is een must! Daarom is onze kleding made with respect voor mens en natuur. Deze kledinglijn is gemaakt van 100% gecertifieerd biologisch katoen en gerecycleerde materialen. 

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